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About Dr Ronit Nesher

.Hi, Nice To Meet You I'm Ronit

Dr. Ronit Nesher's Professional Journey

Holding a doctorate in Psychology, Dr. Ronit Nesher's journey began in Israel, where she was working with individuals and couples. Additionally, she has served as a community social worker for marginalized communities. As a young girl Ronit participated and facilitated international meetings with children from all over the world - promoting peace education (CISV). She was inspired by the different cultures, and it was a cornerstone for her future seminars. Due to few challenging family events - she experienced anxiety attacks when she was 18-26 and chose to explore various techniques.


Inspired by her own background and her firsthand experience with anxiety, Ronit found herself drawn to a more holistic approach to psychology. Combining traditional psychological methods with energy tools, she formed a unique combination approach in her clinic, aimed at addressing the mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of her clients' well-being. This fusion of psychology and energy work reflects Ronit's commitment to providing comprehensive support and fostering healing on multiple levels.


During her professional career as a psychologist, she not only honed her skills in psychotherapy but also became a respected lecturer in diverse settings, ranging from academic institutions to the dynamic world of corporate business. Dr. Nesher's visionary spirit led her to initiate The School of Emotional Intelligence, an endeavor that showcased her commitment to fostering emotional well-being.


In her current practice, Dr. Ronit Nesher focuses on collaborating with managers, companies, and business owners navigating the complexities of decision-making, human relations, teamwork challenges, and the subtleties of soft management skills. Grounded in an Integrative Humanistic Approach and drawing from Applied and Positive Psychology, she places a profound emphasis on strengths, possibilities, and challenges within the personal development process.

The VIsion

Many people are suffering because they’re struggling with themselves. We are our own enemy.
We have forgotten our collective connection to each other and all of life. We are part of something that is bigger than we can ever imagine. We are not alone. We are connected. And there is joy that connects us and carries us through life. 

Our limited thinking prevents us from dreaming of a new way of being and living in this world.
Ronit’s vision is to support people in learning these powerful tools to change with ease so that we can live in a more conscious world with open eyes, open hearts, living with more joy. 

In Ronit’s teachings she would like people to know and realize that there is always a path forward through whatever challenge, a path to the universe of ease and possibility, if we choose it. You have choices and possibilities, and Ronit’s work is to create this awareness in you. Dr. Ronit Nesher invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where the union of psychology and energy processes pave the way for profound experiences that expand consciousness and reshape reality.  

Dr Ronit Nesher
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