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Access Bars one-day training class with Dr Ronit Nesher

Access bars 1 day training class

Access bars 1 day training class

If you could give your brain a break, and your life a gift… how would your life look like? 

A day workshop to learn energetic therapy and learn tools for erasing patterns, anxieties, and old beliefs.
It is an easy and accessible and simple treatment and unique tools that open up many possibilities in life, create a feeling of lightness and joy, and connect to more peace. During the treatment itself – a lot of unnecessary energy is released, and then, as in "magic", new possibilities are created in every area of life: Relationships, creativity, money, work relationships, body, sexuality, time and space, healing, dreams and hopes. (Because every point you touch is responsible for an entire area of life).


It works great for me!

I even started giving a few sessions! It is unbelievable what the clients’ reactions are. It works great both in the clinic and in daily self-care for me.

And the pinnacle of wonder: remember I said there was no way my two teenage boys would agree that I would put my magic fingers on their heads? So, every day since their first time (after our class) they ask for a little more of this magic. And the eldest son started sleeping better at night thanks to the “implant” point. I also use the clearing statement tool for myself, and I can see many good effects. I am more peaceful and focused!

I am much more relaxed and focused!

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