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The money work book course

The Money Workbook Course

The Money Workbook Course

Do you desire to create more money? 

Access approach views money as a reflection of our capacity to receive and our potential to create positive change in the world and in our lives. As we shift our perceptions and limitations regarding our ability to embrace change, our relationship with money and abundance transforms, and vice versa. This shift allows us to receive more goodness from the world, from people, and from our relationships. 

The Money workbook course has left many of us feeling inspired and motivated to create more goodness, not just as a feeling, but as a result of the knowledge gained from past courses and the sharing of experiences by participants. It's inspiring to read and hear about the positive changes participants have made in their lives and in the world during and after this course. How can we create even more when we align our bodies, our finances, and our ability to create magic in life? 


 A few personal words from me…

I've been immersed in this field for years.In 2006, I co-authored the book "The Secret of Abundance" with Anat Lev Adler, published by Yedioth Ahronoth, that has become a bestseller and won the Golden Book certificate. I've explored this field from every angle—practical, energetic, emotional, and mental. 
Despite all my exploration, I haven't come across anything quite like the Gary Douglas Money Book.


This booklet, with its 13 chapters, goes beyond money, offering experiential exercises, consciousness-expanding questions, and insights into the barriers that prevent us from receiving more from the world, from people, and from ourselves. The How to Become Money booklet also includes a transcript of the original course with Gary Douglas, featuring fascinating and inspiring examples of participants' experiences. It's quite remarkable what happens there.


This course isn't for those who are afraid to step outside of traditional educational logic. So, how much money are you ready to receive (and have!) this summer? And how open are you to receiving more goodness from the world and influencing the world for the better? The Money Booklet is so much more than just money. It's an energetic workbook that has brought countless positive changes into my life, helping me receive abundance, enjoy it effortlessly, create positive things with money, dare to dream big, and make those dreams a reality.

"What you offered over 4 days was so powerful, clear and to the point from any other similar class I have experienced so far.  It gave me so much added value! I am still speechless and excited to use all the new tools!"

For more details and registration:

Join Dr. Ronit Nesher for 10 sessions of the Money workbook course! 
The sessions will be held online via Zoom, and recordings will be available.

What can this series create for you and your life, starting from this moment? 
Pay attention to the surprises that come your way after registration and write them down.
We'll discuss them in the first session. What if the energy and change start from the moment of registration? Right now? 

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