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Creating the Reality Beyond Reality  

About The Course

I've crafted this course specifically for my Facebook community (“Creators of Reality Beyond Reality”), after noticing recurring questions about applying tools in daily life and recognizing the importance of various tools for shaping our lives with total ease. Creating with and from beyond this reality means acknowledging possibilities beyond our usual and limited perception.


Expanding our consciousness to embrace "there" (expand our awareness to the beyond the limiting reality), and to integrate more and more possibilities. I use "there" metaphorically because through practice, we expand our consciousness to "there" (the reality beyond our limiting existing reality) and draw energy from “there” to “here” (again metaphorically). 


What's included in the course?

 💫 Creating (anything in life!) from and within the reality beyond reality.
💫 Tools, exercises, clearings, questions, possibilities.
💫 For creating reality from and within the reality beyond reality.

The course is hands-on, providing practical tools for creating better lives and enhancing any area that you choose to focus on in YOUR LIFE!  ”Using energetic conscious tools to create reality beyond... is one of my greatest joys in life, the greatest!!!” And I'm truly delighted to teach it to those who choose it. 

We'll pass through gates together that enable creating a better reality in any area of life you choose. 
To manifest, to fulfill, to create something in our lives (anything!) with ease and simplicity. 
It is recommended to activate most gates, sometimes all of them.
Sometimes prayer alone just isn't enough… 


"What you offered over 4 days was so powerful, clear and to the point from any other similar class I have experienced so far.  It gave me so much added value! I am still speechless and excited to use all the new tools!"

The gates we'll pass through and learn about in the course are:

The gate of allowance

The gate of question that opens futures and possibilities

Sometimes we'll also activate the gate of creation, the gate of joy, the gate of relaxation.

The gate of choice

The gate of follow the energy 

LOGO RONIT_edited.png

And we'll learn how to activate the combination of the gates: 

Joy of creation. The joy of creating with ease. These are all gates that create for us an easy passage to reality beyond limitation, beyond “stuckness”. Each gate has its own “tools”. Conscious and energetic tools. A significant portion of these tools are Access tools and spoken in Access language, with another part coming from Gestalt psychology. Combining these tools isn't just something I particularly love, it's how I live and use them to create my life!  

Each week: 


  • A Zoom meeting (1-1.5 hours each meeting).

  • Guidance, innovative tools, energetic exercises, practice (implementing immediately in your life), and enough time to ask personal questions. 

  • Home practice suggestions.

  • Personal focus (In which areas of life do you want to apply the course tools to?)

  • WhatsApp group for practice and sharing (plus my recommendations throughout the week!)  

  • 500€ for the entire course!

The Expanded Program:

  • Including 2 personal sessions with me during the course (30 minutes each).

  • Followed by precision in the personal focus and life in general!

  • 1000€

Starting on:  

Dates will be added in the future

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