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Ronit Nesher live zoom course

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Over 30 years of experience as a therapist and facilitator, and throughout my career, i have gathered a powerful and effective toolbox of techniques and modalities - and i am excited to share all of them in my courses, both live and online classes. All the courses and classes are experiential, content-rich and hands on practical tools that you can use immediately in your everyday life. You are warmly invited to choose which one of them can contribute to you and to your business.


What's on the menu

Creating the Reality Beyond Reality  
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Creating the Reality Beyond Reality  

8 Zoom Meetings

I've crafted this course specifically for my Facebook community, after noticing recurring questions about applying tools in daily life and recognizing the importance of various tools for shaping our lives with total ease. 

How to Become Money Workbook 
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How to Become Money Workbook 

10 Zoom Meetings

The "Money Workbook" course empowers individuals to create positive changes in their lives by shifting perceptions and limitations regarding our ability to receive and create money and wealth. 

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