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Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt is more than an effective psychotherapy, it is a way of seeing and knowing, an action approach that emphasizes dynamic awareness. It offers amazing techniques for getting in touch with our bodies, emotions, ourselves…for helping us live more fully and freely in the here and now." F. Perls.

Gestalt Therapy is a modern psychological approach that belongs to the humanistic psychology movement. It combines a focus on the individual as part of their environment, working with the "here and now," integrating body and mind, and treating the client equally. 

It's an approach that emphasizes the client's ability to expand awareness and be in touch with themselves and their environment.

In 1994, the head of my team, and the one who trained me in the therapies I practiced, introduced me to Gestalt. 

She brought with her to one of our training sessions the registration form for the Gestalt program at Tel Aviv University. She said to me: "You must register because you speak Gestalt and live Gestalt, so you should also learn how to facilitate Gestalt Psychotherapy".

 I have been grateful to her ever since... because I truly fell in love with Gestalt, and every day in the clinic and in Gestalt groups, I witness the miracles that happen thanks to this unique approach.

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